Author note:

Thank you for trying out my story, it means a lot to me.

The prologue is this short because it is meant to only be a glimpse into what set the whole story in motion. The real fun start the next chapter which is close to 4k words!

I plan on self-publishing the volumes as I write them and your opinion and advice are welcome, as they help me make this story as good as I want it to be.

Once again, thanks for being here. I hope this is the beginning of an amazing journey together.

A whole universe, created to be a prison.

Cold. Dark. And basically empty, except the one being that was aimlessly drifting in it. Weeping.

He was sorry. Oh, so sorry. The soul crushing guilt and shame he was left alone with were smothering him.

But here, he could not die. If he could, he would have managed to take his own life already, even though his strength had been taken away from him long ago.

Him, that once stood at the pinnacle of power across worlds, had been defeated by the pain and sadness he had seen in his mother’s eyes. No. It had been her obvious disappointment that had hurt him the most, followed closely by the realization of what he had done.

He wanted to beg for forgiveness, but at the same time knew he didn’t deserve it. So he cried and screamed.

Brother… Brother, can you hear me? Said a feminine voice he instantly recognized.

His heart skipped a beat. Had he finally lost his mind? After his flesh had regressed to one of a mortal, was it time for his mind to begin to break as well?

No, big idiot, you’re not insane just yet. It really is me.

A silver of hope. Perhaps his crimes were less severe than he thought? Maybe he had not actually done it…

“But… how? He stuttered, I… saw you. I saw your body.”

Yes brother. For all intent and purposes, you did murder me. I was pretty mad about it, but hundred of years of watching you being so pathetic helped me get over it. That, and knowing from your own thoughts that you had been tricked to do it.

“How do you know my thoughts? My sister never was bright enough to guess them.”

You mean you still haven’t noticed that you are hearing my voice from inside your head?

Then he really had lost his mind. There really was nothing but him in this prison, and he knew that nothing from the outside could reach him, telepathically or not.

I never said I was outside. Look inside. Inside of you.

He did. And what he saw made him be silent for a long time.

“You attached your soul to mine?” He finally asked.

I did. In my final moments, it was the only option I had left… Let’s just say I regretted it when I realized I had been thrown in here with you.

I… I am-

Sorry? trust me, I know you are. I had four hundred years to make sure of it. It’s the only thing that makes me glad I did what I did. I would have never believed you were manipulated otherwise.

For the first time in a long time, he smiled. Tears still streamed down his face, but this time his tears were of reliefs. Failure had never felt so good.

You may have failed, but it was not for lack of trying! Don’t be so happy yet!

“I will bring you back home,” he replied, his voice hard, “Mother will know how to fix this. “Then I will have until the end of time to make it up to you.

Hmph! That’s the very least you could do. But you forget about one thing… You were tricked for a reason. The day we get out, the Path will be very different. With new rulers.

In the absolute darkness, it could not be seen, but his smile grew even wider. He would never forgive himself, but there was now a way to make things better.

They were beings of passion. He had regained a purpose, and the fire in him had been lit once again.

He would bring his sister back. And then make the traitors pay.



7 thoughts on “Prologue

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  2. Don’t want to be nitpicky, but it’s a tad rough on grammar and sentence structure. Diction is on the lighter and casual side. The transitions between the brother and sister speaking is also a little unclear, but none of my gripes are story-breaking. Great job! I came from the Nier: Automata YouTube thread ( I’ll be sure to keep up with this story. Thank you for putting in this dedication and effort!


    • Ooo. So caught up with being nitpicky that I didn’t say anything constructively positive. Love the “in media res” you use in this prologue. It definitely gives the beginning a sense of mystery and darkness. P.S. Is there perhaps a Drakengard reference here?


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