This website is a collection of all the series written by the author and aspiring full-time writer Prime sharing the Fantasy setting that is The Path.

They are all available for readers at no costs, and updated chapters by chapters as they are being written.

The Path is a fictional universe made of fragmented worlds or realms, linked to one another in a chain-like structure ending with the realm of the gods.

Mortals live amongst beings of primal powers and often have to take their destinies into their own hands to put a pause to the game these forces are playing… Though there are times when nothing can be done other than trying to preserve what matters most from the folly of the strong.

Current series available:

Offline Fantasy: Virtual Deities (Start reading here.)


This series is a LitRPG, a literary work with some elements of traditional role-playing games. It’s a mix of genres, notably fantasy and Sci-Fi.


He was once a god.

Not a benevolent nor a cruel one.
The kind to be full of pride, and to rule over the Path without any concessions.

But he was tricked and made to commit a mistake, one so great it destroyed worlds and cost him his freedom and status.

Centuries afterward, the worlds have changed. Mortals, forced to adapt, have created their own new gods of metal, fire and technology.

Now a simple human, stripped of his powers, he is given a chance to partially redeem himself…

… And maybe obtain his revenge.